There are multiple way to plan and book your vacation. You can go into a travel agency and get an all inclusive deal, which included flights, vehicle rental, accommodation, and sometime a few of the activities that you would like  – sightseeing etc. Usually there are entrance fees etc if any National Parks is part of the activity, so make sure you check the package details.

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Of course you can also go online and use google to facilitate your travel search – piece by piece a time consuming approach. You will have to book your own flights, book your accommodation, and arrange your own transportation. You can also search for and book the activities you would like to do. This approach of travel planning requires a lot more effort and is best suited for people who have done this a few times on their own. You will have to find your own travel destinations and possibly add different way points, then you will have to research various flight options that are available. Flights are probably the biggest cost items for any travel trips from Canada. This is where you have to spend a lot of time and make sure that you get the cheapest flight fare. Next will be looking for accommodations – you can either use a travel agency (our Calgary ravel agency has great deals on accommodations at all times of the year!) or again, like your flight search, you can choose to look up the hotels and BnBs on your own.

The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.
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The next step would be to arrange for your transportation – either car rental, hired shuttle or taxi. You may also want to pre-book any train or bus tickets in advance. – Basically you should book all of the transportation in advance if possible. This save a lot of headache when you finally reach your travel destination – you want to spend time exploring, not standing in lines waiting to buy tickets.

And, usually left for the last moment, but we recommend this be the first thing once your flights are booked – travel insurance! Our Calgary travel agency has a great partnership with World Nomads and provides the best rates and coverage for Canadian travelers all around the world. We use them as our sole source supplier for travel insurance and they have been simply fantastic whenever we have needed them. We have received the same feedback from our clients. Travel insurance is especially more important when travelling outside of Canada (even if its to the U.S).

The good news is that many travel agency websites now specialize in helping you plan travels all by yourself and will be a good source of information. Wanderfly Canada specializes in low cost flights from Calgary and we have a great inventory and partnerships with global companies that provide accommodations in all popular tourist destinations. Using our travel agency, you will be able to book all of the necessary elements of your travel.

Using our travel agency, you will also be saving money since you will be able to book our special flight deals and offers and take advantage of our massive flight inventory. You will also be able to completely customize every aspect of your trip. If you’d like to fly into one airport and out of another, or stay part of the time at one hotel and part of the time at another, or any other customization, our agency is able to accommodate your needs.

Be Aware:

Goes without saying, but do a simple cost vs benefit and ensure that a packaged deal is actually cheaper! Look for hidden costs, entrance fees, taxes and any other extras that may be hiding under the small text – make sure you are dealing with trustworthy websites and that you have got adequate travel and health insurance.

The other option, a bit more adventurous and recommended when you are still single (or at least before having kids),  is always just to go to the airport, hop on an available flight and wander away!