Pura Vida!

Our Calgary travel agency finds the best travel deals and low cost flights to make your Costa Rica escape become a reality. If you haven’t been to Costa Rica, read up from our own experience why you need to go. Its a perfect balance of nature and adventure. Travel to Costa Rica and discover its nature-rich environment that is home to 4% of all the living species on earth!

The astonishing nation of Costa Rica is brimming with such a large number of common fortunes, that picking what to see with the restricted time you have while visiting, can be very testing. I have had the favorable luck of investigating the whole nation of Costa Rica, and have thought of the best three must-sees while you are visiting this heaven. Every one is interesting in its own specific manner, and all make certain to give a life-changing knowledge that you will consistently recollect.

1. Nauyaca Falls and the Don Lulu Tour – This stunning arrangement of cascades are situated in the middle of the surfing town of Dominical on the focal Pacific coast and the clamoring little city of San Isidro de General. The falls are exclusive and the most ideal approach to visit them is by taking the Don Lulu visit, which comprises of a horseback ride to the falls and incorporates breakfast and lunch. The visit costs just $40 per individual making it an extraordinary worth. The visit starts on the expressway where you mount your steed, and start the 3 mile trek to the falls, halting at the interesting tico-style home of Don Lulu for an ordinary Costa Rican breakfast of new products of the soil pinto(beans and rice). After breakfast, it’s back on the pony for the short excursion to the passage to the falls. After a genuinely steep plunge down a hand cut stairway, you land at one of the most stunning common attractions in all of Costa Rica. The falls comprise of two levels with the upper falls overshadowing 500 feet and the lower falls comprising of a wide course of more than 100 feet that plunges into an ideal 30 foot pool. Your aides on the visit will gladly enable you to move up into the lower falls for a unique act of pure trust into the reviving pool underneath. Following a couple of hours swimming and unwinding by this Costa Rican fortune, it’s a short however strenuous move back up the staircase to your holding up mount. A great lunch is served at Don Lulu’s and after that the visit finishes up back at the parkway. The remainder of the day is spent thinking about the great experience had by all.

2. Spring of gushing lava and Lake Arenal – Volcano Arenal towers over Lake Arenal in the north focal district of Costa Rica. It is the most dynamic fountain of liquid magma in Costa Rica with every day ejections, and energetic sparkling magma demonstrates that can be delighted in around evening time. The fountain of liquid magma last had a significant ejection in 1968 when it covered the old town of Arenal in debris and ash. The Costa Rican government has since overflowed the zone where Arenal used to be to make Costa Rica’s biggest lake, and submerging this once energetic town in several feet of water. The lake is home to the absolute best rainbow bass angling in the whole world, and there are numerous nearby aides that will take you to the best spots. Notwithstanding the world class angling on the lake, Lake Arenal is additionally globally known for its windsurfing. There are numerous sorts of housing in the Arenal territory going from five star resorts like the upscale Tabacon Hot Springs Resort to little spaces for the monetary allowance disapproved of explorer. There are some awesome shade visits in the region in which you can go through a day zooming down a link over the rainforest covering beneath. The Arenal territory is genuinely a stunning bit of heaven where you can appreciate the sights and hints of a functioning fountain of liquid magma approaching over a beautiful lake. Genuinely an unquestionable requirement find in this staggering nation.

3. Manuel Antonio National Park – The crown gem of Costa Rica’s national parks, Manuel Antonio is no ifs, ands or buts an absolute necessity see on your visit to Costa Rica. Found only south of Quepos on the focal Pacific coastline, the recreation center is just a couple of hours from San Jose making it entirely available. Manuel Antonio is a little park in connection to different stops in the nation, however it draws in a greater number of guests every year than some other park. The recreation center has immaculate powder sand sea shores back dropped by lavish emerald green mountains that dive into the dark blue Pacific. Manuel Antonio has turned out to be famous to the point that the recreation center chief has needed to restrict the quantity of individuals permitted into the recreation center to 600 on weekdays and 800 on ends of the week. It’s no big surprise that individuals are arranging to get in to this stunning spot, as on some random day you can spot 3 distinct types of monkeys, sloths, marmosets, ocelots, waterway otters, pacas, and speckled caimans just as, 200 types of fowls.

The sea shores at Manuel Antonio are frequently considered the most delightful in all of Costa Rica. Manuel Antonio was really found by Ponce de Leon in 1519 on his mission for the wellspring of youth, and keeping in mind that he may have never found that specific wellspring, it shows up he had discovered the nursery of Eden. This spot will spellbind you and with remarkable recollections about the magnificence of Costa Rica. A distinct must-see on your visit to heaven.

Of course these 3 highlights are really just a very small sample of what you can experience. We haven’t even covered doing a nigh kayak ride where you can see luminescence, the water literally glows in the dark when disturbed. We haven’t talked about the amazing beaches in the Tamarindo region. We haven’t talked about the Caribbean coast…

We could go on and on, but you get the point. Get in touch with our travel agency and request a quote for your travel from Calgary to either San Jose or Liberia. We promise that you will have nothing but rich, engaging stories to share after your travel to Costa Rica!