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At our Calgary travel agency we are travelers, adventurers, explorers and seekers of new experiences. We also have jobs, families, bills and the other set of routine boring life responsibilities. We all have traveled far and wide and continue to do so; we collectively share a common goal of understanding more about the beautiful world we live in and the communities & cultures that makeup this incredible variety of life around us - all this with a great appreciation for life in general, without discounting the hardships faced by many many people around the globe and the challenges faced by our environment.

Wanderfly is a result of our passion and dedicated commitment of our members to make travel around the globe more affordable for Canadians. At our travel agency this is our focus - to find you the best travel and flight deals from Calgary!

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5 years ago, our group of friends came to a joint conclusion (almost a Buddha like enlightenment actually haha), that routine life tasks will never end. Although most of us traveled frequently every year, we were still limited by the high cost of flights from Canada. Flights are super expensive flying out of any city and finding deals on flights was like winning a lottery, but, as time went on, we got good at finding deals…really good.

We started compiling our travel notes, gathering the tools we had at our disposal & storing the different resources online that we used for our travels – to come up with a pseudo algorithm for pattern analysis. Things got interesting and Wanderfly was born.

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We love technology for the challenges it can solve and the value it provides. Many of us are entrepreneurs with a tech background so finding the right people who can develop a pattern recognition application based on our travel notes was easy - what was difficult was to actually refine it and to make it production ready so we can start finding flight deals and offering it to fellow Canadians.

We quickly realized that Artificial Intelligence and Human Experience both go hand in hand to deliver quality results. This is the essence of how we find the best flight deals. See below, the effort required of all moving parts to find the best flight deals in Canada.

Ai for Data Analysis 65%
Ai Historic Price Analysis 70%
Human Experience for Flight Patterns 98%
Ai for Price Forecasting 70%
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