The Icelandic Arctic Fox – Who else goes into a cuteness overload mode seeing a Fox? We see quite few prairie foxes when we go out hiking, especially in the Southern Foothills, around the Black Diamond area in Alberta. Our thrill level seeing a fox is the same every time.

However, seeing an Arctic Fox is a whole different level of insanity!

With lack of vegetation and a harsh climate, Iceland is not an easy place for any living creature to survive. That said, there are a number of amazing wildlife in the country to – none more cute than the Arctic Fox!

The Iceland Arctic Fox, or Vulpes Lagopus Fuliginosus, is the only native land animal in the country. They have been the inhabitants of this unforgiving land mass since the end of the Ice Age. These hearty carnivores have become a national symbol of Iceland. Even in temperatures as low as −70 °C (−94 °F), heir stunning white coat ensure they stay toasty. Their metabolism and a very peculiar fat ratio makes it easy for them to thrive on seasonal food supplies.

Arctic foxes survive on birds, berries, eggs, and occasionally – seal pups. In times of starvation, though, the cuddly looking foxes have been known to eat its own poop. – Is this even a surprise? I mean, I have not had a dog that doesn’t like to munch on other dog or even cat poo poo every now and then!

If you are planning a trip to Iceland, we highly recommend that you visit the Arctic Fox Center in Súðavík. It is the perfect place to indulge with these cute pups. The center has exhibits, tours, and two ambassador arctic foxes raised to be friendly and loving to humans.

All in all, the Arctic Fox is not only a fascinating animal but a beautiful representation of Icelanders!