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Pictured in this post is the crystal clear turquoise sea of Anse Coco Beach, a secluded sanctuary amidst lush greenery. Like the best hidden gems in the Canadian Rockies, you have to put in a bit of effort to get here. This beach is accessible on foot but you will be glad that you hiked in a bit. Our Calgary travel agency – Wanderfly Canada loves to travel to this part of the world, much like the lesser known trails in the Rockies.

This stretch of white sand in eastern La Digue provides postcard-like relaxation and scenery. Interesting rock formations dotting the sand complement the sheltered cove and natural shallow lagoons. .

This beach can be reached via Grand Anse > Petite Anse > Anse Coco. If you are biking, you can leave your bike at Grand Anse and follow along a 2 km trail. Be sure to pack your snorkeling equipment as the crystal clear lagoon is full of colorful fish. This remote location lacks tourist facilities, so bring everything you need with you. (water, snacks, sunscreen!)

La Digue Island remains a relatively unknown vacation destination, offering very few tourist facilities and an exotic though largely undeveloped coastline.

Most tourists take a trip to La Digue Island for a chance to discover an unspoiled beach with pink granite rocks and remarkable views of the surrounding tropical paradise. Accessible only by ferry or helicopter, the island offers a range of activities, including bike excursions and snorkeling.

La Digue is one of the 3 most popular islands in the Seychelles, out of the 115 total islands of this Indian Ocean archipelago. Mahé and Praslin are the other 2 most popular islands.

Mahé boasts 65 silver beaches, plus an array of restaurants, cafés, bars and casinos in the tiny capital, Victoria.

The Seychelles are home to UNESCO-designated sites, coral atoll Aldabra and Vallée de Mai, called the Garden of Eden.  Creole is the main language, but English and French are widely spoken.

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